How to Build a Patio Cover

Whether you want to deflect the heat or just decorate your home, building a patio cover is something you can do with relative ease. It’ll take some time, but you don’t need a degree in engineering to do it.

Required Tools and Materials

Drill bit (3/8)
Caulking gun
Tape measure
Assistants (one or two individuals)
Posts (4 x 4s)
Metal snips
Carpenter’s square
Concrete anchors
Pencils (heavy type)
Nuts and bolts

Note: the patio can be linked to the house or not. If it’s attached, the present support mechanism will assist in installing the patio. If the patio isn’t attached, the cover must be installed on all corners.

Evaluate the Angle and Pitch

Use the tape measure (or another measuring device) to get the right angles and slopes. You can only start building a patio cover when you have the angles and pitch right. Put the post base in place with concrete anchors. Now take the 4 x 4s and install it at the base. Fasten it to the base with nails.

Construct the Support Beam

Put double 2 x 12 boards at the roof. You and your friends can set the board on the roof. Slice the ridgeline and install the rafters. Now you need to cut the metal screen. Use a stapler to put the screen on the block. The size you put in will depend on the block.

Installing the Roof

The next step to building a patio cover is to add the roof. Installing this part requires at least two people. Install the roof as you normally would on a house. Install the rain cutter according to the instructions. If you want, add some sheathing and

Patio Cover Materials

There are many types available. You can choose from wood, PVC and aluminum among others. Pick the one that best suits your needs and budget. The package will come with instructions on how to install it; follow the directions. Usually a patio doesn’t go beyond 12 ft. It also doesn’t get any higher than a single storey edifice. The cover itself can be total or partial.

Tips and Warnings

Building a patio cover isn’t that hard when you have people helping you. As for the equipment, they’re available in almost all hardware stores. The weather will play a role in how fast the project is finished. Ideally it should be done in the mornings or afternoons.

Avoid doing it at high noon as the temperature may be too high. Don’t try this project during the rainy season.

This project doesn’t require advanced carpentry skills. But if you feel uncomfortable or unsure, have an experienced carpenter or builder with you. When building with your friends, always be on the lookout for each other so no accidents happen.

The cover size will determine how many screws, bolts etc. you’ll need. Figure the logistics out before you start building.

As with most DIY projects, building a patio cover successfully rests in the preparation and planning. With the right tools and some help from your friends, this project won’t take long to finish.

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